Tuesday, July 23

South Kalimantan inflation at 0.94 percent


BANJARBARU, S Kalimantan: Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded inflation in South Kalimantan, which combined inflation in Banjarmasin and Tanjung, in June 2018 of 0.94 percent with a cumulative rate of 1.72 percent, Antaranews Kalsel reported.

Head of South Kalimantan BPS Diah Utami in Banjarbaru on Monday said that inflation in Banjarmasin was 0.98 percent while in Tanjung it reached 0.35 percent.

“The rate of cumulative inflation in Banjarmasin in June 2018 to December 2017 amounted to 1.68 percent, while the cumulative inflation rate at Tanjung 2.40 percent,” she said.

The biggest share of inflation in Banjarmasin is the increase in air transport prices, hospital tariffs, grilled fish, rice side dishes, and chicken meat.

At the same time there is also a decrease in the price of some commodities such as eggs, cork fish, wet shrimp, siamese sprouts, and vegetable tomatoes, which contributed to the highest deflation.

While in Tanjung the rise in price of chicken meat, chicken eggs, long beans, vegetable tomatoes, and kangkung (leafy vegetable) give the highest inflation.

“Commodities that have fallen in price with the highest share of deflation include rice, onion, spinach, green mustard and snakehead fish,” he said.

BPS recorded 82 cities all experiencing inflation and the highest in Tarakan 2.71 percent and the lowest in Medan and Pekanbaru 0.01 percent.