Tuesday, July 23

South Kalimantan’s exports-imports surplus 506.32 million dollars


BANJARBARU, S Kalimantan: The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded a surplus of 506.32 million US dollars in South Kalimantan’s export-import trade balance in May 2018,¬†AntaranewsKalsel reported.

“South Kalimantan’s trade balance remains positive with a surplus in May,” Head of South Kalimantan BPS Diah Utami said in Banjarbaru, Tuesday.

The value of South Kalimantan’s export trade in May was recorded at 688.07 million US dollars or down 4.29 percent compared to April with export value of 718.88 million US dollars.

Meanwhile, its imports experienced a very significant increase of 93.95 percent from April amounted to 93.71 million US dollars to 181.07 million US dollars in May.

“When compared to May 2017 which reached 659.53 million US dollars, the export increased 4.33 percent, while imports rose by 98.28 percent,” he said.

The main commodity of the largest export contributor is the mineral fuel group valued at 634.23 million US dollars, up 0.57 percent compared to April.

The second was the groups of fats and animal oil amounted to 34.40 million US dollars and groups of wood and goods of wood with an export value of 9.72 million US dollars.

“Fat group exports fell 56.62 percent and wood groups rose 16.71 percent compared to April reached 8.33 million US dollars,” he said.

According to him, the main export destination countries are China with a value of 236.97 million US dollars, India 129.5 million US dollars and Japan 79.68 million US dollars.

“The export value of the five major destination countries including Malaysia and the Philippines amounted to 529.38 percent or decreased 4.57 percent compared to April,” he said.

Meanwhile, the value of imports in May 181.76 million US dollars, up 93.95 percent compared to April reached 93.71 million US dollars and up 98.28 compared to the previous year.

“The main commodity of South Kalimantan imports consists of mineral fuel group 167.89 million US dollars, ship group 3.93 million US dollars and engine group 2.96 million US dollars,” he said.