KOTABARU, S Kalimantan: Kotabaru District Government, South Kalimantan, will soon form a Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) to encourage and improve the welfare of people in “Bumi Saijaan”, a nickname of the district, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

The Kotabaru Administration’s Assistant of Economy H Jono Anwar here on Thursday said the district as one of the regions with high economic level compared to other regions in South Kalimantan was given the opportunity to form TIPD.

“This TPID team will work optimally to see the extent of inflation in the district, as well as formulate the strategic steps to be taken by the government in development policy,” he said.

Kotabaru, which consists of islands with an area of almost a quarter of South Kalimantan, should be a region that can calculate its own inflation rate, because it is important for the foundation of the development program.

So far, the inflation rate in Kotabaru always refers to that of South Kalimantan, whereas the economic level is quite different.

He said TPID will consist of related institutions, such as Trade Agency, Logistics Agency (Bulog), Central Statistics Agency (BPS) and others.

In the meantime, the inflation rate in Kotabaru is predicted to be triggered by several commodities, including LPG, chili, onion, and a number of other commodities.

“The inflation is caused by high demand, while supply or distribution are reduced. The declined distribution may be caused by high waves and others,” he said.