Sunday, April 21

Celebrity instructor to hold three-day ‘Yoga in the Wild’ class starting today


Keller (front centre) with the participants of her special teaser class at AEON Mall.

KUCHING: Celebrity yoga instructor Denise Keller decided to take it to the next level and deepen her knowledge in yoga after hitting a plateau in her own practice.

Speaking to reporters after running a special yoga class at North Court, AEON Mall here yesterday, she said she had merely wanted to learn and that being a yoga instructor was not part of her plan.

“Then I realised that when I’m not filming or working in show business, I always went back to yoga because it de-stresses me. I really like to see what it does to people – de-stress, lowers anxiety, and makes people feel more connected,” she said.

She added that it was then when she decided that she was going to share what she knew. Keller has been teaching yoga for four years, but has been practicing since she was a teenager.

“I teach a class called Yoga Jam and Triple Fit in Singapore. Whenever I get a chance, I teach with Under Armour (UA). Working with UA means I get to travel and do pop-up sessions and meet new people.”

Around 30 people joined her yesterday in a special yoga class – a teaser for the upcoming ‘Yoga in the Wild’.

The special yoga class was organised by Under Armour and supported by Lea Group of Companies (LSC) and Level Up Fitness (LUF). After the intimate one-hour yoga class, two participants won a lucky draw to attend ‘Yoga in the Wild’.

Held as part of the Rainforest Fringe Festival (RFF) 2018, the three-day ‘Yoga in the Wild’ starts today and will run until July 11 at Cove 55 in Santubong.

Keller is a renowned and certified celebrity yoga instructor, model and former VJ for MTV Asia.

The inaugural ‘Yoga in the Wild’ aims to introduce Sarawak as an untouched space for a clear mind.

A bodily and spiritual retreat amidst the lush forest, participants will have the chance to discover a deep connection with nature against the tropical backdrop of Sarawak.

Classes will be taught by Keller and Hendri Take, a yoga practitioner and entrepreneur. There are two Under Armour stores in Kuching – AEON Mall Kuching Central and Sarawak Plaza Shopping Complex.