Sunday, April 21

STU lauds call to remove stigma attached to TVET


Jisin Nyud

SIBU: There is the need to train students for specific skill or trade through vocational and technical schools.

Sarawak Teachers’ Union (STU) president Jisin Nyud stressed that it is vital for students to undergo courses that prepare them for real-world jobs in specific fields and higher learning institution.

He pointed out that besides public institutions, private institutions also offer good technical and vocational education and training (TVET) courses but the fees are also very expensive.

“Students especially those from the rural areas face issues of accommodation and finance.  Some colleges have accommodation but the hostels too crowded. The most discouraging factor is the high fees. The government should look into helping these students,” he suggested.

Jisin was reacting to Minister of Education, Science and Technological Research Dato Sri Michael Manyin’s call for the stigma surrounding TVET to be removed as industries now place more emphasis on skills training to contribute towards the development of the country.

TVET Empowerment Committee chairman Nurul Izzah Anwar was quoted as saying that TVET would focus on reform to become an educational choice which is on par or better than first degree or master degree qualification.

“STU supports Dato Sri Manyin’s call to remove TVET stigma to create skilled workforce for Sarawak and the nation’s development.

“We need to correct the past perception of TVET as the option for school dropouts, non-academic-oriented students and those with special learning needs.

“We are happy that the government is serious about TVET. Colleges and institutions should try to reach-out to students particularly those in the rural areas and the interior of Sarawak,” he concluded.