Wednesday, August 21

Clean up after your pets or leave them at home, SMC advises park-goers


The concrete walkway at Sibu Town Square Phase 1 is used regularly by joggers.

SIBU: The local authority is calling on park-goers not to bring along their pets to avoid creating a nuisance or mess for others.

Sibu Municipal Council deputy chairwoman Rogayah Jamain gave the advice yesterday when asked to comment on a recent incident where a park-goer allowed his pet dog to defecate on the tiled concrete walkway at Sibu Town Square Phase 1.

“Members of the public should avoid bringing their pets to the park as the pets may poo there. Parks are places where people go to relax and get some fresh air, and the faeces will cause a nuisance to others who might also accidentally step on it,” she said.

She added, however, that those who insist on bringing along their pets to the park should have the courtesy to clean up any mess instead of leaving it behind.

A regular jogger at the town square recently brought up the issue after he spotted a dog owner allowing his pet to defecate on the tiled walkway before casually leaving the area.

The jogger said he managed to avoid stepping on the dog faeces, which appeared to have already been stepped on by other unsuspecting joggers.

“I think all of us have a responsibility to keep the town square clean, including disposing rubbish like sweet wrappers into the bins provided,” said the jogger, who did not want to be named.

Sibu Town Square Phase 1 is popular among joggers and parents who bring their children for outdoor activities.