Thursday, June 8

Flash flood in Lutong forces road users to use alternative routes


Flash flood that occurred along Kampung senadin Jaya Lutong to Sarawak Shell Lutong office this morning.

MIRI: Hundreds of vehicles plying the road from Kampung Senadin Jaya, Lutong to Sarawak Shell Berhad Lutong office road and from Taman Bayshore, Lutong road to Lutong town had to turn back this morning to avoid being stuck in the flash flood, reaching up to a few-feet.

The downpour that occurred since last night caused the two sections of the road here to be flooded and only 4-wheel-drive and bigger vehicles could cross the roads.

Parents from Kuala Baram, Desa Senadin and Batu Satu Lutong sending their children to SMK Lutong, Chung Hua Lutong and SK Lutong using the affected roads had to turn back and find alternative routes to reach their destinations.

“I had to turn back my car to avoid being submerged in the flash flood and used the Desa Senadin Lutong main road to send my kids to SK Lutong, ” said, Julaina Mohamad today.

According to Julaina, she was surprised to see the flash flood that occurred near Kampung Senadin Jaya and Petronas Lutong Terminal as the water level was about two-and-a-half-feet.

She was plying from Desa Senadin and reached Kampung Senadin Lutong when many vehicles were seen turning back at that stretch as the water level was getting higher as the rain continued.

Another affected road user, Adam Hamdan said, this road is the alternative road for residents living in Desa Senadin Lutong and surrounding areas going to Miri as the main Lutong-Pujut-Miri road is always jammed in the morning.

He said civil servants and private sector workers would normally use the Kampung Senadin Lutong road to Taman Bayshore and pass Krokop Miri to reach their working destinations there.

Meanwhile, many trees branches along the Lutong-Miri road had fallen down due to strong wind from the sea.

A tree near Boulevard Pujut had fallen down and there was another report of tree fallen down near the Kampung Bungai road .

The Meteorological Department has issued strong winds and thunderstorm warning today. Heavy rain and strong winds are expected over in Sibu (Selangau), Mukah (Daro), Dalat, Matu, Bintulu, Miri, Subis, Beluru, Miri, Marudi and Limbang.