Rentap calls for unlimited size of NTD


Gerald Rentap Jabu

KUCHING: There should be no limitation on the size of native territorial domain under the proposed amendment to the Land Code.

This was stated by Gerald Rentap Jabu (PBB-Layar) when debating on the Land Code (Amendment) Bill, 2018 yesterday.

“It can be more than 500 hectares. Let the native community prove their claims. This is due to the customs and inherent traditional beliefs that are beholden to their ancestors.”

However, Rentap said the amendment showed the Sarawak government’s sincerity in giving the rights and claims of all natives of Sarawak force of law and proprietary title as it sought to give title and proprietary rights to native territorial domain above and beyond those already granted by Section 18 of the Land Code.

Rentap opined that ‘the issuance of title should be free of premiums and other charges like issuance of Section 18 grants to natives’.

“There should be no difference and limitations on those temuda land and native territorial domain. In the spirit of it, it is shared common area and for the community.”

He also proposed to repeal Section 28 which is on the issuance of Provisional Lease.

He said the Section had been the bone of contention in all disputes and court cases.

“Let the Land and Survey Department (LSD) utilise their resources to ensure that any land title given out is not in conflict with any claim especially on native territorial domain.

“It is within their purview and jurisdiction, not the private entity that is giving the Provisional Lease,” he added.

He also appealed to LSD to beef up its administering role as stipulated under the Land Code rather than responding to requests and cases.

“Land has economic value. It is our utmost wish that we seek to honour our native customs and traditions to give inherent rights back to the people.

“It is at its most importance to protect, preserve and achieve the highest value for it,” he added.

Rentap then hit out at the opposition leaders in Sarawak for calling the Sarawak government ‘unjust and manipulating the issue’.

He also demanded that the opposition members apologise for not supporting the Sarawak government in doing what it can to protect Sarawakians.

“I can tell you who jump the gun about not supporting this amendment and yet gave commendation that it is a start.

“All the frivolous statements and lies over the last few weeks, I should demand an apology, if you don’t support what Sarawakians and her government do to improve and protect Sarawak and the rakyat, find your peace with your political masters in Malaya,” he added.