Passed: Supplementary Supply Bill (2017), Supplementary Supply Bill (2018)


Wong (right) arrives at the lobby of the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) Complex together with Bukit Begunan assemblyman Datuk Mong Dagang for the DUN sitting yesterday.

SUPPLEMENTARY Supply (2017) Bill, 2018 and Supplementary Supply (2018) Bill, 2018 were unanimously passed yesterday.

None of the members of the august House objected to both Bills, which were read for second and third time by Second Finance Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh prior to being passed.

“The First Supplementary Estimates of Ordinary Expenditure, 2017, seeks approval for an additional expenditure of RM220,851,572 incurred by various ministries and departments in 2017. The amount required has either been vired from savings or advanced from the Contingencies Fund.

“The First Supplementary Estimates of Development Expenditure, 2017, seeks approval for an additional expenditure of RM29,187,982. It is required to cover additional expenditure incurred by the various ministries and departments in 2017,” he said.

Wong, also Minister of E-Commerce and International Trade, said the additional amount would be used to meet urgent requirements in carrying out development programmes and projects last year.

Among the ministries and departments involved were Ministry of Local Government and Housing (RM11,054,330), Ministry of Urban Development and Natural Resources (RM10,941.970), Ministry of Industrial and Entrepreneur Development (RM3,549,232), Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports (RM1,932,110) and State Finance Secretary (RM1,710,070).

Wong said an additional RM2,648,148,090 was required under the First Supplementary Estimates of Ordinary Expenditure 2018.

“Out of this amount, RM2,500 million is for contribution to Statutory Funds for development purpose. Another RM148,148,090 is required to cater for various expenditures under various ministries or departments.”

He said a total sum of RM54,160,100 was required by Chief Minister’s Department for rental of aircraft amounting to RM22,000,000, contribution to Sarawak Celebration Trust Fund for organising six main celebrations amounting to RM31,560,100 and the New Year Countdown 2019 amounting to RM600,000.

A sum of RM35,000,000 was required under General Administration for payment of allowances to community leaders, while the Public Works Recurrent for the management of ferry services throughout Sarawak required a sum of RM25,300,000.

A total sum of RM12,077,700 was required by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports for Visit Sarawak Year 2019 campaign and for organising World Para Swimming Championship Kuching Sarawak 2018 and 21st Master Asia Championship 2019.

Wong said RM5,386,750 was required by Ministry of Welfare, Community Well Being, Women, Family and Childhood Development for organising various activities under Early Childhood Programme and Sports for Disabled 2018.

Rural Water Supply Department required RM12,700,000 for the purchase of treated water from Kuching Water Board while the Department of Veterinary Services required RM2,933,540 for the operation and maintenance of Biogas Plant at pig farming area.

A sum of RM590,000 was required by Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Research for operating grant to Sarawak Research and Development Council.

Under the First Supplementary Estimates of Development Expenditure 2018, Wong said an additional sum of RM3,572,491,460 was required to meet additional requirements for the implementation of various development programmes and projects this year.

Of the amount, Sarawak Financial Secretary required RM3,427,450,600 for acquisition of 15 per cent shares in MLNG Tiga (RM2,592,689,600), reimbursement of Timber Cess collection at Yayasan Sarawak Concession Areas (RM150,000,000), Centre of Technical Excellence Kuching, Lundu and Lawas (RM50,000,000), proposed implementation and completion of Tatus Kampung Extension Phase I by Bintulu Development Authority (RM15,000,000), proposed Waterfront and Musical Fountain Works at State Legislative Assembly by DBKU (RM33,761,000), Special Development Assistance Funds, Minor Rural Projects and Rural Transformation Projects (RM580,000,000) and construction of RMM Rangau Limbang under Housing Development Corporation (RM6,000,000).

Ministry of Local Government and Housing required RM6,000,000 for upgrading of watefront (Pesta Benak site) in Sri Aman.

“A sum of RM84,000,000 is required by Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Transportation for the implementation of feeder road projects in Kuching and Sarikei.

“A sum of RM31,500,000 is required by Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development for the implementation of agriculture and veterinary projects and programmes throughout Sarawak,” added Wong.

He said Ministry of Urban Development, Environment and Natural Resources required RM5,235,860 for the implementation of Kampung Sadong Jaya extension scheme while Ministry of Industrial Entrepreneur Development required RM9,000,000 for the Bio-Valley Satellite Miri.

“And a sum of RM9,305,000 is required by State Secretary to finance seven on-going studies,” he concluded.