Saturday, July 20

Solidarity movement needs to overcome drug problems


MARABAHAN, S Kalimantan: Head of Barito Kuala National Narcotics Agency (BNNK) Pepsodeni said movement of solidarity is needed to aware the whole society against drug abuse, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

“The commemoration of the 2018 Anti-Drug Day means a concern to all the abuse and illicit trafficking of narcotics,” Pepsodeni remarked in Marabahan on Thursday.

He said illicit drug trafficking is an extraordinary crime that can paralyze the power of the nation, so it must be eradicated and addressed seriously.

In an effort to form a society to have immune effects, Pepsodeni said, BNNK Barito Kuala has made various efforts including dissemination of information, socialization in schools, through religious activities, leaflets and posters, banners, websites and radio.

Other ways, according to him, community empowerment through the formation of anti-drug activists and encourage the formation of free of drugs villages or hamlets till conduct rehabilitation of people affected by drugs.

Separately, Regent Barito Kuala Hj Noormiliyani AS expressed deeply appreciate the various efforts of BNNK and various parties in the eradication of drugs.

Former Speaker of South Kalimantan DPRD stated strongly supports all the steps in countering the threat to the nation’s generation. She insisted the district is ready to fight against drug.

One proof of Barito Kuala seriousness against the threats was by various elements of community signing statements that the district refuses drugs.

Noormiliyani continued to emphasize related apparatuses, in particular BNNK Barito Kuala, to be even harder in doing detection and other steps.