S’wak govt should help local firms get share of jet fuel market — Pelawan rep


THE Sarawak government should step in to help local companies get a share of the jet fuel market in Sarawak, says Pelawan (DAP) assemblyman David Wong.

He said the state government has always been talking about Sarawak participation in the state’s oil and gas sector and that Sarawakains should be given a bigger share in the oil and gas industry but has not been walking the talk.

He pointed out that Petronas supplies around 85 per cent of the market while Shell has the remaining 15 per cent of the market.

“Currently, Jet A1 fuel consumption in Sarawak is 150 million litres with an estimated revenue of RM375 million.

“But there is not even one Sarawak player in this market although to my knowledge there are some companies who have the capability and expertise and licensed to supply the Jet A1 fuel in Sarawak with the Department of Civil Aviation’s (DCA) certificate and Malaysian Airport Holding Bhd’s (MAHB) licence to operate as a jet fuel supplier in the airports and the Ground Handling Certificate CAT8-Aviation Fuel Supply, certified by the DCA.”

Wong said the Sarawak government should step in to help ensure “maybe 50 per cent participation by Sarawak companies in the retailing market of Jet A1 fuel”.

He suggested Petronas and Shell should just concentrate on the supply side of the Jet A1 fuel and leave the retailing part to Sarawak companies just like the petrol stations in Sarawak.