Saturday, March 23

‘Quickly issue titles to Salcra participants, land owners’


Martin Ben

KUCHING: Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra) and the Land and Survey Department have been urged to draw up a plan for the speedy execution and completion of the survey and issuance of land titles to owners or Salcra participants.

Martin Ben (PBB-Kedup) said notwithstanding the development and improvement in participants’ living standards through the oil palm plantation venture, there were some pertinent and perennial issues affecting the landowners/participants, which need to be addressed. He noted that one of the major concerns was “survey and issuance of individual land titles”.

Martin told the august House that a significant percentage of the Native Customary Rights (NCR) land within Salcra development areas in the five estates in his constituency had yet to be surveyed and issued with titles.

He believed at most 35 per cent of the over 7,000 participants’ lots had been issued land titles.

“As assemblyman, I am duty-bound to ensure what has been promised by the government is fulfilled. To name and shame now will only sour relationships and affect the congeniality of the social situation. I therefore urge the relevant authorities to look into this matter with urgency. Twenty years of waiting for a title to be issued is just too long a wait,” he said in his motion of thanks on the Head of State’s address yesterday.

Martin said through Salcra’s Serian Regional Oil Palm Complex, five oil palm estates – Kedup 1, Kedup 2, Mongkos, Melikin, and Taee – were set up.