Sunday, September 15
September 16

Fatimah: Insufficient childcare centres at government agencies


Fatimah (right) presents a certificate for completion of training to a kindergarten teacher as Salmah (centre) looks on.

KUCHING: There are only eight childcare centres at government agencies in Sarawak catering to 167 children.

“There should be more centres as childcare is important for staff’s peace of mind knowing that their young children are taken care of near where they work, leading to better productivity,” said Minister of Welfare, Community Well Being, Women, Family and Community Development Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah during a Gawai Raya celebration by Sarawak Single Mothers Association (Pitsa) held at Taska Qaseh Laila along Jalan Ong Tiang Swee.

On another matter, Fatimah urged Pakatan Harapan government to continue providing subsidies to low income single mothers who want to register their children at pre-schools.

On Taski Qaseh Laila, Fatimah urged Pitsa to apply to Sarawak government for a piece of land to construct a permanent building.

“I was told that the current building which belongs to Sarawak government is just a temporary location.

“Pitsa needs to address this and requests for a permanent place which the ministry will support,” she said.

“Should a permanent building materialise, I suggest that it houses a kindergarten, pre-school and transit place for parents to send their children during working hours,” she suggested.

Pitsa president Salmah Ibrahim was also present at the event.