Monday, April 22

Dekopin to build floating restaurant


BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: The Indonesian Cooperative Council (Dekopin) Banjarmasin does not want to be left behind to contribute its innovation to the city’s progress by planning to build a floating restaurant on the Martapura River in 2019, Antaranews Kalsel reported.

On a barge with a diameter of 14 x 5 meters as foundation, the restaurant is drafted a two-story. Not only as a place of culinary tourism, it can also be used as a place to hold a variety of events.

Chairman of Dekopin Banjarmasin Sumarno said the restaurant is planned on the thoughts of Dekopin members together with the Banjarmasin Cooperatives and SMEs Agency and they agreed all development funds will be shared.

“It is estimated that the construction of the restaurant requires Rp1 billion. We collected funds from members of Dekopin with an investment system,” he said at the commemoration of Indonesia’s 71nd Cooperative Day at City Hall on Saturday (14/07).

The barge as the foundation of the restaurant, he explained, is readily available. Dekopin obtained the vessel from grant aid of PT Basirih Industrial. “If the restaurant is built hopefully the image of the cooperative can be more uplifted,” he concluded.

Mayor H Ibn Sina expressed deep appreciation of the plan. He mentioned the plan as remarkable, considering that it is a cooperative in this city to build the restaurant.

“If the restaurant is realized will be proud for Banjarmasin. One of the investment opportunities in the cty is the tourism sector, including the floating restaurant. We want this city to become one of the tourism destinations in Indonesia,” he said.