Tuesday, December 7

Kapit Hospital needs more haemodialysis machines — Jamit


Jefferson Jamit Unyat

KUCHING: Kapit Hospital is in dire need of more haemodialysis machines for the treatment of kidney patients in Kapit Division.

In saying this, Bukit Goram assemblyman Jefferson Jamit Unyat stated that currently the hospital has 13 such machines.

He is thus appealing to the relevant authority to look into the matter.

Jamit made this request at the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) when participating in the debate on the motion of thanks to the Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Tun Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud’s address.

He also highlighted the need for the government to construct an exit road at the Kapit hospital.

“Apart from asking for more haemodialysis machines, there is also the urgent need for the government to provide the fund to construct an exit road at the hospital to ensure free traffic flow to and from the hospital,” he said.

Jamit also made some queries on the delay to the proposed construction of SK Sungai Kapit bridge linking the school and the main road Jalan Bukt Goram and the proposed Jalan Sungai Menuan and Jalan Sungai Ibau in Kapit.

“The government has approved the proposed construction of rural roads; namely Jalan Sungai Menua and Jalan Sungai Ibau, Kapit. Hence I would like to know the current status of the said projects and hope that the proposed projects could take off as soon as possible for the benefit of the people,” he said.

“The government has initiated the earth-breaking ceremony for the proposed construction of a new bridge at SK Sungai Kapit that would link the main road Jalan Bukit Goram to a rural primary school, SK Sungai Kapit in the year 2017. To date, the construction of the proposed bridge has yet to take off and in this respect I call on the government to expedite the construction of the said bridge,” he said.

He added that he too would like to know the status on the construction of the vocational school for Kapit.

He pointed out that all these projects are the ones that people are looking forward to.

Jamit also asked about the delay in the implementation of Rural Electrification Supply Scheme (RES) projects in several rural areas.

“I wish to know the current status of the implementation of the RES projects in my constituency where submarine cables have been laid across Rajang river in the year 2017 to provide electricity supply to the longhouses at Belawai, Rumah Kayan at Nanga Dia, Rumah Jambon at Nanga Ensilai and Rumah Richard Unggat at Nanga Stapang, Kapit,” he emphasised.

He also asked the government to improve the communication service in Kapit with higher and speedier bandwidth and also to construct telecommunication towers to provide better and speedier communication link and wider coverage for the people.

On top of these, Jamit also requested for the construction of an additional water reservoir and to extend the supply of treated, clean and safe water to all new households that are built along the roads and a new mini stadium cum football field complete with a running track to cater for the increasing needs to promote sports especially among the youth.

The existing sports facilities located at Jalan Airport are no longer adequate to cater for the needs of sports activities carried out by schools, local clubs and associations and government sports activities such as Maksak football league, he lamented.