Tuesday, December 1

Popular restaurant in Sibu ordered to close for being ‘unhygienic’


A popular restaurant in the town center is served with two weeks closure notice.

SIBU: A popular restaurant in the town center here has been ordered to close from 10pm on July 17 until July 30 for rectifications.

This was according to the notice of closure from the Ministry of Health (MOH) issued on July 17.

The action for the two weeks’ closure was provided under Section 11 of the Food Act 1983.

The notice stated the premise was instructed to close on the ground that it was “unhygienic”, neccessitating for it to be cleaned up.

This is to ensure the well-being of the public.

Meanwhile, efforts are being made to contact the owner of the restaurant and get more details from the State Health Department.

It was observed that the premises remained closed this afternoon with the closure notice pasted on the iron grille.