Tuesday, August 11

Two hectares South Hulu Sungai chili burned


KANDANGAN: A total of two hectares of chili plants belonging to farmers in Daha Subdistrict, South Hulu Sungai (HSS), burned in a land fire occurred some time ago, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

Head of the Disaster Management Agency, National Unity and Political Affairs (BP Kesbangpol) Efran in Kandangan on Tuesday said, based on the report of the community there had been a land fires in Daha.

Anticipating it not to happen again, he said, the agency put on fire and land fire alert, as the arrival of the dry season.

“We have launched a forest and land fire field post for Daha area, which covers South Daha, West Daha, and North Daha subdistricts,” he said.

The post will operate for one month as an effort to facilitate communication, coordination, and monitoring the anticipation and extinction of forest and land fire.

To ensure the conditions on the ground, added Efran, Acting Regent H Dahnial Kifli got down to the location, to see first hand the condition of post-land fire.

Dahnial Kifli said efforts to extinguish land and forest fires in HSS have many obstacles, such as the difficulty of road access also the condition of the field that is widely separated by the swamp.

However, his side is very grateful, all these obstacles do not become a barrier for all parties involved in dealing with various issues of land and forest fires.