BANJARMASIN: Chairman of the Commission II of the DPRD Banjarmasin H Aulia Ramadhan Supit suggested the city needs to develop agro-tourism to increase tourism interest, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

The Golkar politician spoke during a working visit in Batu, East Java, on Monday. He said, Banjarmasin needs to imitate the success of agro-tourism of Batu.

“In Batu there are agrotourism packages, such as orange and apple plantations that tourists are very interested in. We need to develop such tourism,” he said.

Thus, said Aulia, Banjarmasin not only rely on river tourism, but there is another side of interest for tourists to shop as souvenirs.

“There are typical fruits of our region that can be sold to improve tourism, we need to be developed plantation,” said Aulia.

Lessons that the commission got while visiting Batu, the local government and its legislative are committed to advance agro-tourism in addition to the nature tourism.

“So they made rules per zone of tourism, there are areas of natural tourism development, there is the development of agricultural tourism or agro tourism,” he said.

The arrangements that require the regional regulations that what the commission learned during their working visit to the DPRD Batu City.