BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: Pangdam VI (Commander of Military Area VI) Mulawarman Major General Subiyanto said he was satisfied to see the progress of the preparation of agricultural land in Jejangkit Muara Village, Barito Kuala District, for commemoration of World Food Day, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

“The land preparation of 750 hectares is already 80 percent, the rest may be completed this week,” he said, Wednesday.

The two-star general reviewed Jejangkit along with Director of LandProtection and Expansion of the Ministry of Agriculture Indah Megawati.

According to Pangdam, to support the irrigation system, Army members in the field are still waiting for pumping machines from Palembang, South Sumatra.

“We hope it come soon. If everything is smooth, the job is ready to move to 3,250 hectares of the total 4,000 hectares targeted by the Minister of Agriculture,” he explained.

Indah Megawati admitted the process of opening the land is not easy. But she assured the workers in the field to keep the spirit and optimistic the targets will be achieved.

“To open 3,250 hectares of land, the drone team of Swamps Hall of the Ministry of PUPR (Public Works and Housing) is conducting Survey Investigation and Design (SID), which is sure we are all optimistic to pursue planting in the commemoration of World Food Day in October,” she said.

Meanwhile, District Secretary of Barito Kuala Supriyono revealed his staff are focusing on making parking area for invited guests for the the commemoration.

“If the parking is completed, the next is improvement of road quality for access to Jejangkit, including the village of Jejangkit Muara from RT 1 to RT 6 we will fix to look clean, beautiful and healthy,” he pointed out.