Monday, February 17

Banjarmasin optimistic to reduce waste by 30 percent


Banjarmasin: Head of Banjarmasin Environment AgencyMukhyar said he is optimistic to reduce waste up to 30 percent from waste to Basirih Waste Final Disposal Site (TPA) in 2019, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

According to him, waste reduction up to 30 percent must be done to retain a predicated city of Adipura. “With the support of all parties, we are confident to achieve the target, because we already have reduced of about 25 percent,” Mukhyar pointed out in Banjarmasin, Tuesday.

He stated, with a consistent step of waste handling at this time, the sorting of waste can be done optimally. Where, he added, the function of Integrated Solid Waste Management Site (TPST) which is more than 10 points in the city, plus about 200 units of garbage bank should continue to be encouraged.

“Of all these functions, indeed there is an increasing waste reduction from being dumped to the Basirih landfill,” he explained.

According to Mukhyar, the handling of garbage to be collected to the Basirih continues to progress, so that the garbage pile does not last long in the Temporary Disposal Site (TPS).

“We continue to strive to improve these measures, but of course we ask the public to discipline to dispose of waste to the TPS,” he said.

The city government, he said, continues to socialize for the city’s waste production which reaches more than 600 tons per day can be handled optimally.

“The main thing is no more scattered waste to the river or under the house, this is what we ask people to be aware of,” said Mukhyar.

He reminded that the predicate of Adipura has been three times in a row achieved by the city, ie in 2015, 2016 and 2017 as a comfortable, livable, cool, beautiful, healthy and clean city.