Saturday, May 25

National Diabetes Camp to help patients cope physically, mentally and emotionally


Dr Fam Tem Lom

MIRI: Being diagnosed with diabetes is never easy for any patient at any age.

Thus, it is very important to seek proper support that could help one cope with the challenges one has to face – physically, mentally and emotionally.

General Medicine consultant specialist at Miri Hospital, Datuk Dr Fam Tem Lom, said while the advancement in the field of medicine enables diabetic patients to keep their diabetes condition under control, the toll of the disease on one’s mental health and emotion is beyond what medicine could do.

“This is when the role of psychiatrists comes in – to listen and soothe the emotion of the patient,” he said.

Dr Fam was referring to the upcoming National Diabetes Camp, where one of its focus will be on the psychological health of diabetic patients.

“Three sessions of workshop will focus on different groups of patients such as women who are in their reproductive age, children and men. We must know that different patients face different problems.

“Female patients who are in the reproductive age need to know the importance of dealing with pregnancy and their health condition.

“Children, on the other hand, usually face peer pressure and low self-esteem. Therefore, proper guidance from the psychiatrist is immensely important.

“As for male patients, usually they are more about pride and when they are in such condition, they may feel defeated with low self-esteem,” said Dr Fam, adding that the three workshops will be conducted by head of department and psychiatrist Dr Bawih Inu Pu’un.

Another focus of the camp will be on introducing daily dietary intake for diabetic patients, insulin injection as well as identifying hypoglycaemic symptoms that need to be taken into consideration by diabetic patients and their family members.

These workshops will be conducted by a dietician, pharmacist and physician respectively to give clearer picture to patients and their family members.

The three-day camp, which will be held on Aug 17 to 19 at Jinhold Hotel and Service Apartment, will also include a session for patients and family members to share their experience and problems, and question and answer session between patients and professionals.

“This camp is mainly providing a better platform for patients and their family members who have inquiries relating to diabetes and we hope that it can provide clearer picture of what to expect and how to deal with problems when they encounter them.”

Registration can be made online at Those interested can also download the registration form from the same website.

According to Dr Fam, who is also the camp’s organising chairman, participation fee is RM50 per person and they have reserved 20 free seats for participants from outside Miri.

“We look forward to more participants and their family members, and hope they will benefit from the camp,” he said.

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