Saturday, July 31

South Kalimantan’s farmers exchange rate falls 0.68 percent


BANJARBARU, S Kalimantan: Farmer Exchange Rate (NTP) in South Kalimantan in July 2018 was recorded 94.02 or down 0.68 percent compared to the farmer exchange rate in June of 94.66, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

Head of the South Kalimantan Center Statistic Agency (BPS) Diah Utami in Banjarbaru on Saturday said the drop in NTP due to the price index of agricultural production decreased and the index paid by farmers rose.

“The decline was due to the index of prices received by farmers fell by 0.01 percent and the index paid by farmers experienced an increase of 0.67 percent,” she said.

If viewed from each subsector, she said, the three agricultural sub-sectors experienced a decline in the exchange rate, namely the agricultural subsector and the people plantation sub-sector.

The decline in the food crops subsector’s exchange rate by 0.17 percent, the fisheries sub-sector fell by 1.22 percent and the people’s plantation crops fell by 3.65 percent.

The decline in the exchange rate of the food crop subsector occurs because the index received by farmers is lower than the index paid, especially the rice and secondary crops.

The price index in the rice group experienced an increase of 0.44 percent and the palawija (secondary) group rose 0.47 percent, while the index paid by farmers rose by 0.64 percent.

“The index paid by farmers rose, namely the household consumption group 0.82 percent and the BPPBM price index increased by 0.08 percent,” she said.