Friday, July 19

50 farmer groups compete to work on 50 hectares Jejangkit land


BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: A total of 50 farmer groups from 17 sub-districts in Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan, competed to work on 50 hectares of land on the ready to plant land of Jejangkit village, Antaranews Kalsel reported.

This is held by the Provincial Military Command (Korem) Area of 101 Antasari in the framework of the 73rd Indonesian Anniversary and the preparation of 2018 World Food Day from August 6-7.

South Kalimantan Governor H Sahbirin Noor, who opened the event on Monday, expressed his appreciation for the competition. He said it will greatly help accelerate land preparation for South Kalimantan which will host the commemoration of the 38th World Food Day for national level on October 17-21.

According to him, South Kalimantan will strive to become a national food granary, even the world. Therefore, the steps to clear land in the Jejangkit area are carried out to the maximum extent possible.

“Our target is to open an area of 4,000 hectares in this area to become a land ready for planting, so that eventually it will be able to provide welfare for the people of the area,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the 101 Antasari Military Commander Col. Inf Yudianto Putra Jaya stated that the farmer group competition helped accelerate the preparation of 2018 WFD land and inflame agriculture and realize the unity of the TNI and the people.

“Moreover, the 2018 WFD is planned to be opened by President. We must really succeed this implementation, and we prove that South Kalimantan is indeed worthy of being a national food barn,” he said.

The material of the competition is teamwork, neatness of the land, and cleanliness, the technique of lime distribution, the extent of the land processed, the processed land and the completeness of equipment.

The main prize in this competition, in addition to coaching money, there are also two motorbikes, and many other attractive prizes.