Friday, March 22

Willie not surprised at Bung’s rude remarks


Willie Mongin

KUCHING: Member of Parliament (MP) for Puncak Borneo, Willie Mongin, was not at all surprised by the derogatory remarks uttered by MP for Kinabatangan, Bung Mokhtar, when the latter used the f-word on him.

Willie said Bung had often used the harsh words on others as well and it was not surprising that he did all over again. He added Bung had said derogatory remarks many times before and made accusations on other MPs without facts, and “I am not at all surprised this time he used the f-word on me”.

“It’s just immature and unbecoming of the Kinabatangan MP. If he is a seasoned politician, he should know what he’s doing or saying. I might be new but it’s sad to note another seasoned fellow MP who acted that way,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Willie went on to say that all MPs including Bung must be reminded that they were chosen by their electorate and constituents to speak on their behalf with dignity and must uphold good behaviour and manners in Parliament.

“Everything is recorded in the Hansard and it’s forever, MPs are not. If you go through the Hansard on Bung, nothing contributes to the betterment of his constituency, state or the country.

“Before he (Bung) asked anyone else to behave, I suggest he take a look and check himself before he criticises someone else,” he said.

Willie said even though Bung retracted his offensive statement, he, however, had not apologised to the august House and to him.

“He has not apologised but I knew he retracted his statement. I was not in the Parliament when he retracted the word, as I was on the way to the airport to catch a flight back to my constituency,” he said, adding that he was on his way to launch Indigenous People seminar/conference at the Redeems Centre in Bau.

Two days ago, the Dewan Rakyat descended into chaos after Bung shouted the f-word at the Puncak Borneo MP during a debate on the sales and services tax, which sparked an uproar among Pakatan Harapan MPs.  Deputy Speaker Rashid Hasnon let Bung off the hook by asking him to retract his offensive statement.