Monday, May 20

Jho Low asks DoJ to explain Malaysian thanks for seized yacht – report



Luxury yacht worth us$250 million that belonged to Jho Low, a flamboyant international financier who allegedly played a central role in the 1MDB controversy that has engulfed former prime minister Najib Razak, arrives in Port Klang outside of Kuala Lumpur. — AFP photo


KUCHING: Jho Low’s lawyers want the US to explain why Malaysia is thanking it profusely for helping to seize his US$250 million yacht after the Department of Justice has said it was not involved in turning over the vessel, reported Bloomberg.

The lawyers, who represent the companies that hold title to Low’s yacht, on Thursday asked a federal judge in Los Angeles to order the Justice Department to provide a “thorough clarification” whether US agencies or officials knew in advance or were involved in transferring the “Equanimity” to Malaysia.

The report quoted Malaysian Attorney-General  Tommy Thomas having said in a statement two days ago that “sensitive and delicate negotiations” were conducted between Indonesia, where the yacht was anchored, Malaysia and the US to accomplish the transfer.

A Justice Department spokesman had said the US was not a party to the agreement between Indonesia and Malaysia.