Wednesday, August 21

Motorcyclist suffers serious head injury in crash


Passers-by take a closer look at the badly damaged motorcycle involved in the crash.

MIRI: A motorcyclist was badly injured on his head after he crashed his machine into a car in an accident in Jalan Airport near a commercial centre here on Wednesday night.

In the 9pm crash, it was believed that the motorcyclist was not able to apply the break in time causing him to hit a car which had suddenly entered his lane from the opposite lane.

It was said that the car, which was heading towards Miri Airport from the city centre, had veered into the opposite
lane and collided with the motorcyclist who was travelling from Jalan Airport to the city centre.

The car was damaged on its side at its rear while the driver who was unhurt managed to exit the vehicle.

Members of the public who witnessed the accident then contacted the Miri Hospital for assistance.

After getting initial treatment, the injured motorcyclist was then brought to Miri Hospital.