Wednesday, July 8

Man shoots own foot in spear fishing gone wrong


SARIKEI: A man suffered injuries to his right foot after shooting himself while spear fishing in Ulu Sungai Bayong, near here early yesterday.

The incident happened shortly after midnight and saw the victim, 30, being rushed to Sarikei Hospital for medical attention.

Medical personnel were forced to contact the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) for assistance after they were unable to remove the spear from the man’s foot.

According to Bomba Sarikei chief Suna Kaha, his men took about 15 minutes to cut and safely remove the spear, which then allowed medical personnel to attend to the victim.

“We received a call from the hospital requesting our assistance at 1.42am, and spent about 15 minutes to remove the spear from the victim’s right foot.

“The spear had a diameter of about 0.5mm and measured two feet in length,” he said.

A fireman analyses the spear lodged in the victim’s foot.