BATULICIN, S Kalimantan: PT Buma, a coal company in Tanah Bumbu District, helping the people of Sungai Lembu Village, Kusan Hilir Subdistrict, get clean water for their daily needs in the dry season, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

Public Relations of PT Buma Imam Mahmuda in Batulicin said on Tuesday that this program would be synergized with Community-based Water Supply and Sanitation Program (Pamsimas) through funds from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

“The company is targeting 2019 that all the people of Sungai Lembu Village can get clean water for their daily needs,” Imam said.

The distribution of CSR funds this time is different from before. The company explores supporting data in each village in the mining area to be an integrated database and reference in the distribution of CSR funds, especially in the Pamsimas program.

Sungai Lembu Village Chief Wiyono admitted that the village community often had difficulty getting clean water during the dry season.

“If the rainy season, dug wells in the countryside can still be used because it is a rainwater reservoir. But if it has entered the dry season the well dries up,” he explained.

When the dry season arrived many residents buy Rp60,000 worth of water a barrel containing around 1,200 liters.

“Through the CSR-Pamsimas program, we hope to be able to provide clean water for all local residents, so that during the dry season there is no need to buy water anymore,” he explained.