Friday, April 26

DKB improves ship maintenance facilities


BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: PT Dok dan Perkapalan Kodja Bahari (DKB) Shipyard and Enginering of Banjarmasin Branch improved graving dock and airbag system facilities, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

PT DKB Banjarmasin Manager Rudi Patmo Hariyono here Wednesday said the addition of graving dock facilities, among others, is its length from 105 meters to 131 meters.

Then the width from the previous 30 meters becomes 35 meters, and the previous height from 3 meters to 5.1 meters. While the depth has reached 5.1 meters. By these improvements, the incoming ships will not be affected by the tide or ebb of sea water.

As for the runway, the facility will be built with a length of 150 meters, a width of 5 meters and a thickness of 30 centimeters.

“If the facility is completed, it can service four vessels at once,” he said while mentioning that there are only two vessels could be serviced at this time.

This development is one of PT DKB’s strategic plans by using the fund allocation of State Capital Participation (PMN) from the 2015 APBN with a total fund of Rp18.8 billion.

Work will be carried out by local company PT Lidy`s Artha Borneo with an estimated working time of 2010 calendar days.

The construction of Banjar 2 graving dock and airbag system is expected to increase production capacity from 45,000 DWT to 60 thousand DWT.

DKB Banjarmasin is one of 10 ship dock locations owned by the state-owned enterprise (BUMN).

In addition to Banjarmasin, the ship dock has now been able to compete with the national private ship dock, among others, PT DKB Jakarta, Cirebon, Semarang, Palembang, Sabang, and Batam.

“With the improvements of DKB facilities now, the DKB Banjarmasin 2 will become the largest ship dock company in Kalimantan,” he said.