50 thousand PDAM customers will be affected by water shortages


BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: As many as 50 thousand customers of PDAM Bandarmasih, Banjarmasin, will experience difficulties in clean water, said the director of the government-owned tap water company, Antaranews Kalsel reported.

On Monday and Tuesday (27-28 August) there is a major pipe repairment at the Sungai Tabuk intake, according to the PDAM Bandarmasih Operational Director Sopian to reporters in his office on Monday.

As a result of the repairment, the raw water collection capacity at the Sungai Tabuk intake fell from normally 4500 cubic meters per hour to 3000 cubic meters per hour,

“There will be a decrease of 1500 cubic meters per hour,” said Sopian who was accompanied by the Head of Public Relations of PDAM M Nur Wakhid.

With the reduction of raw water extraction, it will automatically reduce the production of clean water, because there is a reduction in water processing in the Pramuka water treatment plant (IPA).

The impact is the clean water supply for two days will be reduced by 30 percent. Customers who will feel the consequences are in most of the South Banjarmasin, East Banjarmasin, and a small part in Central Banjarmasin.

While the North and West Banjarmasin subdistricts were relatively unaffected by the repair of the Sungai Tabuk intake, Sopian said.

“For those who are indeed having trouble with clean water, the PDAM is ready to supply it using a tank car,” he added.