Wednesday, June 3

Pensioner scammed by “old friend”


File photo for illustration


MIRI: A 60-year-old pensioner lodged a police report on Friday after he suspected that he has been scammed of RM9,500 by an “old friend”.

The victim claimed that on Aug 15, he received a message purportedly from an old friend who told him about a federal fund for pensioners.

He was then told to bank in RM9,500 to a bank account, which was for clearance fee should he want to receive the fund.

The victim, without suspecting anything, went to a bank here the next day and deposited the amount to the account number given.

He later contacted the man and the latter told him that the fund would be deposited to his account in five hours.

However, after awhile, the man contacted the victim and told him that there were few problems and that he needed to bank in another RM20,000.

After hearing this, the victim suspected that he could have fallen victim to a scam.

He immediately lodged a police report.