Monday, March 18

Ewon to contest for UPKO Vice President


Romie (left) handing over the forms to Ewon.

KOTA KINABALU: UPKO Komulakan Chief Ewon Benedick will be contesting for a Vice President’s post in the coming party election on October 12 to 14.

Speaking at UPKO Kota Belud triennial general meeting on Monday Ewon said he initially had no intention to take part in the party election as he wanted to focus on carrying out his responsibility as the Rural Development minister.

“But after taking into consideration the current development in the party, I felt compelled to be in the front line in the strengthening, rehabilitation and sustainability of UPKO’s leadership,” said the Kadamaian assemblyman.

Ewon expressed hope to be able inject new spirit in the party’s top leadership based on the leadership role model implemented in Kadamaian which was to make gotong royong a culture in efforts to instill unity among community and the people there.

Ewon was also returned unopposed as UPKO Kota Belud division chief by the 71 branches during their respective annual general meetings held in July.

During the meeting Carlys Lajimin, Datin Saniah Tuak, Jolyhame Saran and Joel Deukin won the Deputy Division Chief, Women’s Movement Chief, Youth Chief and Komulakan Chief posts unopposed respectively.

Ewon also received application forms from 451 new members from UPKO Kota Belud Working Secretary Romie Deukin.