17,264 families receive non-cash food assistance in Banjarmasin


BANJARMASIN, South Kalimantan: The Government of Banjarmasin distributes Non-Cash Food Aid (BPNT) to 17,264 Beneficiary Families (KPM) in the city, Antaranews reported.

The assistance was symbolically handed over by Mayor H Ibnu Sina to the community at Jalan Sutoyo S, Suryanata Alley, neighborhood unit (RT) 16, Teluk Dalam Urban Village, Banjarmasin, Monday (27/08).

H Ibnu Sina, who was accompanied by representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Representatives of the Bank Indonesia Branch of South Kalimantan, also submitted a Healthy Indonesia Card (KIS) and inaugurated the use of e-Warung (electronic stall) Suryanata in the area.

“Today we launch the Non-Cash Food Aid (BPNT) and submit symbolically the Healthy Indonesia Card from the national social assistance Basnas Pusat. On behalf of the Banjarmasin City Government, we express our gratitude and highest appreciation to the Ministry of Social Affairs. We want Banjarmasin which is one of the national BPNT pilot projects to be able to continue to carry out the activities with various innovations,” he said.

He also hopes that in the future e-Stalls and mini markets can sell local products, so that they indirectly participate in fostering micro businesses around them.

Meanwhile, Banjarmasin Social Agency Head Esya Zain said this activity is a directive from the President regarding the transformation of social assistance distribution (Bansos) in a non-cash manner.

He explained that every distribution of social assistance will be carried out in non-cash form through the banking system and integrated into one card.

“The transformation of the distribution of social assistance from cash to non-cash is intended to realize the 6T principle, namely on time, on target, right amount, right quality, right price, and right administration and increase the opportunity and ability of the community to access and utilize financial services,” he explained.