Friday, March 22

Housing developers ordered to pay RM9,650 for late delivery


Maznah (rear, centre) presides over yesterday’s Sarawak Housing Purchaser Claims Tribunal. — Photo by Muhammad Rais Sanusi

KUCHING: The Sarawak Housing Purchaser Claims Tribunal yesterday heard four cases against three developers and ordered two of them to pay a total of RM9,560 for late delivery.

Dato Maznah Dasmi presided the claims hearing and was assisted by panel members Peter Lim Thiam Seng and Robert Elone Sireng.

In the first case involving claimants Adruce Mohd Tazuddin and Nur-Raffida Abdillah over a double-storey corner terrace house at Salak Land District, Maznah ordered the developer to pay the remaining RM4,160 out of RM6,600 in late handover fees.

As per yesterday’s hearing, the claimants have received RM2,440 from the developer.

“Technically, the house hasn’t been handed over. A house can only be handed over once electricity and water supplies are in place. But until now, the water has not been connected for some reason,” she told reporters after the session.

The delay of 16 months and 15 days incurred a late delivery fine of RM400 per month, amounting to RM6,600.

She added there was also a long list of flaws against the house, and that there will be a joint inspection with the tribunal’s engineer to take a look at what needs to be fixed.

In the second case, another developer was ordered to pay claimant Bernadette Doris Ridis Rinyod a total of RM5,400 in late handover fees.

The double-storey terrace house at Matang Land District, which is late by 13 month and 15 days, will also be inspected by their engineer, said Maznah.

“(The developer) claimed that their development is delayed by the Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) being late with building their drains, so they were unable to obtain the occupational permit (OP). It is the developer’s responsibility to talk to the authorities over matters like this.”

To address the claimant’s complaint that the soil contained a lot of construction debris, the developer offered to help lay down the top soil if the claimant purchases it.

The third and fourth cases involved claimants Lau Lee How, Lau Lee Hing, Lau Lee Kiing, Lau Lee Jiun and Lu Mee Giik, over two units of double-storey corner terrace houses at Muara Tebas Land District.

Maznah stated since the defects have already been repaired, there is no claim. However, she said the developer will consult with their engineer to see how to rectify the staircase, which measured smaller than stated in the plans.