Saturday, September 23

‘Be disciplined when it comes to processed foods’


Dr Uma Devi

MIRI: People should never take their health lightly and must strive to make lifestyle changes that will enable them to lead healthy lives.

Former Miri Hospital director Dr Uma Devi said a person’s health is directly related to the food they consume, and self-discipline is a must when it comes to avoiding the many types of processed foods available in the market now, as such products do no good for the body.

“Consumer research articles are very informative in telling how much processed foods can harm our body. Because of the type of food we eat, along with our lifestyle and difficulty in managing stress, the country is suffering from many cases of health and mental problems.

“A lot of health problems can be reversed if we look after ourselves and practise self-discipline in every aspect in our lives – be it what we eat, think, speak, what we do at work and so on,” she told The Borneo Post yesterday.

Dr Uma, who is also an environmentalist, said it is of utmost importance that we teach the younger generation about healthy living to avoid the country becoming a ‘sick’ nation in the future.

She said parents need to lead their children by example as there is “no point in having a degree
and money, but living in poor health.”

“A lot of processed foods have chemicals that are not good for the body in the long run. I’m aware that there are those who are unable to avoid taking it, but I hope they will be mindful when it comes to taking these types of food,” she said, adding she hopes the government pays more attention to the dangers that processed food poses to Malaysians.