Monday, June 17

Proposed Sarawak Science Centre to nurture creativity, innovation — Rep


SERIAN: Sarawak really needs its own science centre so that the younger generation would be more interested in the field of science, technology and innovation.

In this regard, Bukit Semuja assemblyman John Ilus called on all Sarawakians to support the government’s plan to set up the Sarawak Science Centre.

John (third right) hands over a MRP cheque to a representative of a local organisation.

He believes that this initiative, under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Research, would greatly complement the efforts towards making Sarawak as a world-class competitor in the near future.

“The Sarawak Science Centre will enable the younger generation to be exposed, at the earliest age possible, to the fields of science and technology, and also to encourage them to be more creative and innovative.

“So far, we have yet to have our own science centre. Therefore, the initiative to set up one soon is very much welcome and it should be supported,” he said at the presentation of school uniform vouchers by Yayasan Sarawak to school-children at SK St Patrick, Tangga near here recently.

It is reported that Sarawak Science Centre would be established soon, and input from digital leaders such as those from Estonia is being sought.

On another matter, John also proposed to the Sarawak government to set up ‘Excellent Schools’, where deserving students would get the chance to study in 21st century learning environment utilising smart devices and innovative methods.

He suggested that this could start off with pioneer models – one each in Sarawak’s southern, central and northern regions.

He also advised parents in the rural areas to not lose hope should their children be less academic-inclined, stressing that there are now several institutions that provide opportunities for school-leavers and youths to go for skills-training certification.

He said that upon completion of skills-training, these youngsters could seek employment with good pay, venture into business, or go for further upskilling for better job prospects.

“There is no reason why our children cannot succeed in their lives.”

Later at the function, John presented allocations of RM90,000 from his minor rural project (MRP) grant to 10 organisations.