Pelindo III Batulicin follows up the damaged dock


BATULICIN, S Kalimantan: PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) III Batulicin, Tanah Bumbu District, South Kalimantan, immediately followed up on information submitted by the public regarding the damage to the speedboat dock, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

“Thank you for the information conveyed by the community to Pelindo regarding the damage to the dock, and we immediately followed up on this,” Pelindo III Batulicin Supervisor Dedy Riadianto said here on Sunday.

Dedy explained that this information will be re-checked the extent of the damage to the dock, as a study to be reported to the Banjarmasin Regional Pelindo.

In the meantime, Pelindo III Batulicin can only appeal to service users on the dock to be careful when in the location because there is damage to the dock.

Preliminary damage assessment is caused by marine corals which are attached to the supporting pillar of the pier so that the longer the support poles become weathered and broken.

Overall the length of the pier from the shoreline is approximately 100 meters and a width of four meters, while the damage is eight meters.

“Actually in 2015 the dock was repaired, but this time the damage was in a different part,” explained Dedy.

The repair of the damaged pier is currently estimated to cost Rp100 million. This will be coordinated with the Banjarmasin Regional Pelindo.