Becak in Barabai almost extinct


BARABAI: The existence of becak (tricycle or pedicab) in the Barabai, capital of Central Hulu Sungai (HST), is almost extinct along with the times and the advancement of transportation to support the needs of people, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

“At present, almost all people have used vehicles that are more practical,” said a three-wheeled pedicab driver, Ali Fahmi, in Barabai on Saturday

Most becak functions now just to transport goods and almost no longer for human transportation services.

In the Barabai, the number of pedicabs now can be counted on the fingers of only about 20 that are still active every day. That too is usually due to customer purchases of goods in markets. The rest of the becak pullers were only seen asleep waiting for passengers at the junction and crossroads.

“I have been working for 25 years, earning a Rp5,000 to Rp10,000 for one ride depending on the distance,” Ali Fahmi said.

According to him, at most from dawn to dusk the income of pedicab drivers is now only Rp50 thousand per day. If he doesn’t go home in the day and eat at stall, he only earns Rp25 thousand.

“More and more of our friends becak drivers have changed living to vegetable traders, selling fruit, or being unemployed in the village,” he said.

He hopes that the government will give more space and opportunities becak drivers and think till they can also prosper and have an attraction for passengers who want to travel.