Friday, July 19

Lesbian case: Don’t look down, ridicule offenders — Syariah Court


KUALA TERENGGANU: Do not look down on the two women offenders as when they accepted the punishment, it meant they were repentant about their wrongdoing.

This was the reminder from Syariah Court Judge Kamalruazmi Ismail following the execution of the sentence of six strokes of the cane by the Terengganu Syariah High Court yesterday on two women who were found guilty of attempting to have same-sex relations when they were detained in a car in April.

He stressed that the sentence was a lesson, a reminder and deterrent to the offenders and society not to commit it in the future.

“Under syariah (law), caning is not meant to hurt or torture the offender. May this sentence be a lesson and reminder to all Muslims and show that syariah punishment is meant to educate, and not cause pain,” he said.

Kamalruazmi was speaking at the start of the proceedings witnessed by Terengganu Syariah Chief Judge Wan Mohd Zakri Wan Mohd and Terengganu Syariah Senior Judge Rosdi Harun as well as more than 100 people who were in the public gallery.

Meanwhile, in a press conference held yesterday, chairman of the State Syariah Implementation, Education and Higher Education Committee Satiful Bahari Mamat who witnessed the execution of the sentence also gave a similar reminder and hoped there would not be any negative speculation about the case.

He said all procedures were observed in meting out the sentence. — Bernama