Tuesday, July 23

Rep wants clubs, associations to engage youths in sports, community services


Miro (second right) leads others to unveil the KSRK new logo.

BAU: Serembu assemblyman Miro Simuh has urged clubs and associations in his constituency to be ‘friends’ with the youths there.

He said these organisations should not alienate the youths, but engage them in programmes and activities especially those related to sports and community services.

“By doing this, the youths will be distracted from being involved in unhealthy activities. We can also reduce social ills. Get them involved in organising activities especially sports and community services. They are our future leaders, so provide them with the platform to polish their leadership skills,” he said when officiating at the second anniversary of Krokong Sports and Recreation Club at Dewan Krokong recently.

According to Miro, youths who are involved in club and associations’ activities tend to be more aware of current issues.   By having them onboard, he said their good understanding of issues will be of great benefit to their respective communities.

At the function, Miro pledged RM5,000 from his Minor Rural Project (MRP) allocation to the club to organise its activities.

He explained that he had previously allocated RM100,000 under Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) to build a grandstand for the Krokong futsal court  and another RM10,000 allocation for the futsal court repair works.