50 thousand children in HST have not been vaccinated MR


BARABAI, S Kalimantan: A total of 50,297 children from the age of 9 to 15 years in Central Hulu Sungai Tengah (HST) have not been vaccinated with Measles and Rubella (MR), Antaranews reported.

“Of 70,578 children targeted only 20,281 or 28.8 percent children have been given MR vaccines,” said the Head of the HST Health Agency drg Kusudiarto when evaluating the implementation of the MR campaign and disseminating MUI fatwa in the Regent’s Office auditorium on Thursday (6/9).

According to him, currently, HST is still ranked as the sixth lowest achievement of vaccine delivery targets from 13 districts and cities in South Kalimantan.

“From our data, the Hantakan Community Health Center (Puskesmas) has carried out about 52.6 percent, the Tandilang Puskesmas 51.8 percent and the Barabai 43 percent,” he said.

While the lowest community health center coverage is Pantai Hambawang 4.9 percent, Sungai Buluh 9.3 percent and Barikin Puskesmas 12 percent.

Doctor Kus explained the reason for the low coverage of the implementation of the MR immunization campaign due to the lack of clarity about the halal and haram of the MR vaccines used and the issue in the community about Post Immunization Events (KIPI).

“The remaining time is around one month and with the issuance of MUI Fatwa Number 33/2018 which has allowed the use of vaccines we hope the target can be achieved and all children in HST to be vaccinated,” he said.

Chairman of the HST Indonesian Council of Ulemas (MUI) KH Wajihuddin said that MUI decided the use of MR vaccine produced by the Serum Institute of India was unlawful (haram) because the production process utilizes ingredients derived from pigs.

But its use is permissible because there is a forced condition (dharurat syar’iyyah) and a halal and sacred MR vaccine has not been found.

Acting Regent HSt H A Chairansyah said the handling of MR needs to get serious attention. All parties must be able to participate in breaking the chain of transmission of this disease.

“One of them is by supporting the MR immunization program which is a government effort to cut the transmission of measles and rubella viruses,” he said.