Monday, June 17

‘PKR’s confidence is a wakeup call for PBB’


Pandi Suhaili


KUCHING: A Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Supreme Council member believed that the confidence of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) in winning 18 seats in Sarawak and wresting away Balingian, Tellian and Dalat is a wakeup call for PBB.

“We must take it with a pinch of salt (but) work harder and ensure Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS)’s victory in the next state election,” Pandi Suhaili told The Borneo Post.

He stressed that PBB leaders must also take the PKR leaders’ statement as a warning and motivate them to work harder for the people on the ground.

“PKR Mukah leader Abdul Jalil Bujang is always on the ground, he must have done his own homework. Furthermore, in the last election PBB faced quite a fight from a relatively unknown candidate in Balingian,” he observed.

Pandi admitted that perhaps there are internal issues on the ground that could have contributed to PBB’s unconvincing display in some of the state seats’ voting districts during the last parliamentary election.

He was commenting on a statement by PKR Mukah deputy chief Abdul Jalil Bujang in a local paper where he expressed his confidence in winning all three seats within Mukah parliamentary area – namely Balingian, Tellian and Dalat.

Pandi, however, reminded PKR leadership that the party’s problem in Sarawak is an open secret now as the war for the deputy president post is breaking the party into two factions in Sarawak.

“Rafizi Ramli have nothing to lose but so much to gain, while for Azmin Ali this is a do-or-die mission. Personally, I think Azmin Ali being in the Cabinet has a lot of advantages. Furthermore, he is a former Menteri Besar of Selangor, and must be very rich.

“Majority of Sarawak leaders are with Azmin Ali but some of them are openly with Rafizi Ramli, this is putting PKR Sarawak in a very weak position, and they can easily kill off each other, further divide what is already a very weak party in Sarawak,” he quipped.

Pandi stressed that PK’s performance in the next state election will depend very much on what is left of PKR after the fiery contest for deputy presidency.

The fight, he added, can turn ugly and with both sides choosing to expose their opponents, PKR’s true colours will be made public for Sarawakians to see and Sarawakians will decide whether they are worthy alternative to GPS or not.