Sunday, May 26

Labuan school to celebrate Malaysia Day in full force


SK Bedaun teachers in the final preparation to form a Jalur Gemilang Gateway for the Malaysia Day competition. Teachers Mohd Aizam Abdul Rahim and Mohd Faiz Abd Fatah showing the almost completed gateway.

LABUAN: Patriotic spirit filled SK Sg Bedaun as the pupils and more than 50 teachers used their creativity to decorate their school in conjunction with Malaysia Day celebration on September 16.

The school’s headmaster, Dg Sharifah Ag Mahmod, said they collected more than 2, 000 recycled plastic bottles to create a Jalur Gemilang Gateway, a replica of Kuala Lumpur Tower and put up more than 200 national flags at all the school’s premises and fence since the Merdeka month in preparation for the Malaysia Day competition organised by the Labuan Information Department.

“We have been doing this since early day of the school was established … we have won a number of competitions during the Federal Territory Day and Merdeka celebration, and we want to win again,” she said.

The school was the winner of the school category and overall winner of the Merdeka parade last year.

Sharifah said the school had also organised various patriotism-related activities and games such as the drawing and colouring of the national and state flags for the pre- school pupils and primary school students.

She said the project not only taught the children patriotism but also helped inculcate in them good habits like recycling and re-using materials for their work.

“The pupils were so excited while decorating the school compound. They gave their full support in all the activities organised by us,” she said, adding this was the first time they were decorating the school in such a grand scale.

Labuan Corporation chief executive officer Datuk Azhar Ahmad said a total of 131 contingents involving 18 government departments including eight from uniformed bodies, kindergartens, pre-schools, schools, and higher learning institutions, non-governmental organisations, private sectors and villages.

Federal Territories Minister Khalid Abdul Samad is scheduled to officiate the event.