Wednesday, June 26

Replica of famous cliff to be another Tusan beach attraction


Isa (left) and his friend Arni Jumaat pose in front of the nearly-completed ‘horse drinking water’ cliff replica at Tusan Beach.

BEKENU: A replica of the famous ‘horse drinking water’ cliff at Tusan Beach is nearing completion thanks to the effort of villagers from Kampung Terahad and Kampung Angus Bekenu.

Built through the gotong-royong (work party) concept, the four-foot-high replica is located in front of the cliff edge facing the sea at Tusan Beach – about an hour’s drive from Miri city.

“Visitors can take pictures with the ‘horse drinking water’ replica if they choose not to make the 20 to 25-minute walk to see the actual cliff. It (replica) is another landmark for Tusan Beach,” Nuisah Ahem met told The Borneo Post yesterday.

According to her, the construction of the replica was a proactive step by the two villages in coming up with ways to promote the beach – whose famous rock formation has seen people from afar coming just to snap a photo.

“Due to soil erosion along the path leading down to the cliff, many beach visitors are having their photos taken with the replica cliff instead,” added Nuisah.

The man responsible for creating the replica – Isa Nayan from Kampung Angus Bekenu – said construction is now about 90 per cent completed.

“I am happy to be able to construct the replica using my own design to give another landmark for tourists coming to Tusan Beach,” said the 60-year-old, adding several friends have been helping him every day for over a month.

Apart from the cliff edge, the beach is also famous for its ‘Blue Tears’ phenomenon, where blue algae surfacing at night gives its waters a blue tinge visible for more than half a mile.