Wednesday, March 20

Sarawakian director’s ‘Supermum’ set to hit local cinemas


Bjarne (back, second left) and Stephen (front, fourth right) with the cast of Supermum following the press conference yesterday.

KUCHING: Local film director Bjarne Wong is coming up with his eighth movie titled ‘Supermum’, which is currently 95 per cent completed and set to hit local cinemas early next year.

He said the movie was made in honour of the late Datuk Lai Meng, a Malaysian who had contributed so much to the country’s Chinese film industry.

Lai – real name Lai Kwai Yoon – passed away at the age of 90 on May 7 having spent 53 years in show business. She was best loved for her role in the popular long-running television sitcom ‘Empat Sekawan’ which first aired on RTM in 1966.

“This movie is to honour Lai for what she had contributed to the film industry in Malaysia. Before she passed on, she wanted this movie to be a reality. It (movie) is all about family values and love,” Bjarne said at a press conference here yesterday.

He said Supermum features a nearly-all Malaysian cast with names like Eliza Wong, Remon Lim, child stars Sarah Tan and Jaden Ng, Sam Loo, Joey Leong, John Tan, Wei Wei, Manne Chen and others.

Meanwhile, executive producer Stephen Wong said he hopes the movie will be featured overseas such as in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Bjarne (right) and Stephen during the press conference yesterday.