Friday, December 13

Nurture spirit of volunteerism, urges Nyabong


Nyabong mixes the cement to fill in the pot holes.

KAPIT: Community leaders and parents must nurture the spirit of volunteerism especially among the youth in their villages for smoother implementation of community services.

Pelagus assemblyman Wilson Nyabong Ijang said most community projects could be implemented smoothly and expeditiously if all the villagers cooperated and worked together under the spirit of ‘gotong royong’.

He was speaking at a ‘gotong royong’ project at SK Nanga Antaroh, Sut to repair pot holes along the road from the junction of Jalan Antaroh to SK Nanga Antaroh here over the weekend.

The construction materials, comprising two truckloads of pre-mixed cement, culverts, gravel, sand and wooden planks were funded under Nyabong’s minor rural project (MRP) allocation.

Political secretary to the chief minister Nicholas Kudi Jantai, SK Nanga Antaroh headmaster Baling Unan and members of the school’s parent-teacher association were among those who participated in the project.

Members of the work party fix the culvert to ensure the proper discharge of drainage effluent.