Wednesday, February 19

37 Banjarbaru residents positive for rubella


BANJARBARU, S Kalimantan: A total of 37 Banjarbaru City residents positive for rubella disease based on the results of examination of 40 samples tested by the laboratory, Antaranews Kalsel reported.

“We sent 40 blood samples of patients suspected of having measles and rubella. The results of laboratory tests were 37 positive for rubella,” said Head of Banjarbaru Health Agency Agus Widjaja, Monday.

Previously, 52 people were suspected of being affected by measles and rubella after examination held for students of two Islamic boarding schools in the city. The samples then taken for lab tests.

A total of 40 samples were sent to the laboratory in Surabaya and the test resulted 37 were positive for rubella.

“A total of 52 people who were originally suspected of being affected by measles and rubella were asked not to be active in the school. They were asked to take a rest at home and their condition now becomes better,” he said.

It is emphasized, rubella disease is caused by a virus so it is very easy to transmit, namely through droplets of saliva in the air released by the patient through coughing or sneezing when they are close together.

This infectious disease also is known as a red rash that is typical of the skin and generally attacks children and adolescents so that it is easily transmitted.

“The finding of patients who are positively attacked by rubella is addressed by the MR vaccination which is a national program of the government, and we try to reach the target,” he said.

It was said, since the beginning of August the target of MR immunization for school children in Banjarbaru was 60 percent but by the end of the month, the target had only been reached half.