Tuesday, April 23

Jungkal folk worried about serious landslide


A landslide (left) which occurred near the longhouse.

BETONG: Residents of Rumah Jungkal here are seriously worried after a landslide occured near their longhouse yesterday.

The villagers said the landslide could be due to continuous heavy downpour on Monday.

Personnel from the Fire and Rescue Department here meanwhile have advised the villagers to be alert for more landslides that might happen near the longhouse in the near future.

The department also advised the villagers to cover the exposed land with canvas or plastic.

A villager said they were worried, and wondered where they would go if the landslde worsened.

Rh Jungkal is a longhouses built atop a hill not far from downtown Betong.

Around 70 people from 21 families are currently living in the longhouse.