Thursday, April 25

Attendant injured in lorry crash


The lorry stuck at the small opening between the bridges after the incident.

SIBU: A lorry driver and an attendant can count themselves lucky when the latter only suffered cuts on his head in an incident as they were crossing a bridge in their vehicle in Tungku Abdul Rahman Road here yesterday afternoon.

In the incident which occurred at 4pm near Sibu Hospital, the driver was said to have lost control of his truck as they were just about to cross the bridge.

The lorry was said to have hit the side of the bridge, broke through the rail and ended up dangling at an opening between the two bridges.

The attendant was thrown out of the lorry and into the river due to the impact of the crash. However, he managed to swim to safety.

A medical team despatched to the scene following a distress call later sent the attendant to Sibu Hospital in an ambulance for treatment.