Sunday, March 24

Nine airguns, 150 boxes pellets seized in Keningau


Omar (second left) inspecting an airgun as Jauteh (left) and Ahmad Jawilah (second right) look on.

KOTA KINABALU: Police seized nine airguns together with 150 boxes of pellets from a businessman during a raid in Keningau last week.

State Police Commissioner Datuk Omar Mammah said the raids were carried out at two locations, namely at a shopping mall and a karaoke pub, in Keningau on September 6.

“Acting on tip-off, police from the state police contingent (IPK) and police from Keningau (IPD Keningau) carry out a raid at a shopping mall around 2.50pm.

“In this raid, police found 150 boxes of pellets, 78 pellets, 18 airgun components and 18 silencers.

“Interogation with the premise owner then led police to a karaoke pub where police found nine airguns,” he told a press conference at the state police headquarters in Kepayan.

Also present were state Crime Investigation Department chief SAC Jauteh Dikun and Keningau police chief DSP Ahmad Jawilah.

Among the items that were seized were three Sharp Tiger airguns, four Hammerson airguns and one each Steven and Innova airgun.

The pellets that were seized from the 36-year-old businessman were seven ’12Bore’ GB Club pellets, eight ’12Bore’ GB Buck pellets, 20 boxes of Field Line (airgun pellets), 30 boxes of New Black Sniper, 90 boxes of air rifle pellets, and 10 boxes of Shrap Ram Jet (extra heavy pellets).

“Police also seized 18 airgun componenta and 18 silencers,” said Omar, adding that both the premise in the shopping mall and the karaoke pub were believed belongs to the businessman.

Police investigation revealed that each airgun will be sold at a price between RM300 to RM700 depending on its model.

“The buckshot pellets were sold at RM10 each while a small box of pellets is around RM3,” said Omar.

Following the detention of the businessman, police also detained four men, aged 29 to 40, for investigation.

Police also seized three home-made guns or bakakuk from one of the suspect, said Omar.

According to Omar, one of the suspect is also believed to be a ‘gun mechanic’ while another suspect is believed to be a supplier.

All suspects have been remanded and the case will be investigated under Section 7 of the Firearms (increased penalties) Act 1971 and Section 8(a) of the Arms Act 1960.